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Our mission is to provide a facility and support as like-minded people strive to achieve their fitness goals.  Our facility is tailored with strength and powerlifting equipment. We welcome clients at all fitness levels and goals. As a community of members, you will learn and grow with each other to reach new fitness heights. RAW Performance is a gym where members become stronger and better for everyday life or competitions.


This is not a commercial gym with hundreds of machines. It is a place where strength training is used for self-improvement.  It is where like-minded people can thrive through the mental and physical challenge of weightlifting, bodybuilding, and powerlifting. 

This is Raw Performance.

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At Raw Performance training will be specific to strength, mobility and conditioning.  Workouts are varied from week to week. Classes are tailored to increase in strength and performance.  These classes will work on improving squats, bench and deadlift along with total body conditioning. Classes will have a maximum of 15 athletes working together to attain strength and performance goals.