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          Project Resilience is a marriage between traditional mental health talking on the couch therapy with fitness. Combat Veterans who have PTSD, TBI, anxiety, depression, sleep issues; the entire gambit of symptoms make up this group. Each Veteran is required to attend two individual therapy sessions a month with a Clinical Psychologist at Raw Performance and workout in a group setting twice a week with well-trained and educated Strength and Conditioning Coaches.

          Project Resilience consists of Veterans being trained twice a week in the facility Raw Performance Gym; one day of training is done by co-owner William Ha, and the second day is training done by Army Ranger Christian Lopez.

          The group workouts are done with other service members; it is not an open group. The workouts are tailored to injuries, amputations, and surgeries that the Veteran comes in with. The group is capped at 8 Veterans at this time. 

          This is not a 6-week or 12-week fitness program.

We are here for you until you are done, the therapy will be available until you feel that you are ready to stop. The coaches will work with you to get you back to a higher quality of life and will stay to maintain the levels of fitness and with the reduction of chronic pain as long as you put in the work.

          Along with this physical training program, each of the individuals will also be doing consistent mental health treatment 2-4x a month dependent on schedules and flexibility. This program addresses injuries that were sustained in military training, during combat deployments, and surgeries that they have undergone. These individuals will gain physical strength resembling what they had while in their prime and in service, have an integrated sense of community with one another since they will be doing the program together, and have similar backgrounds being connected through military service. Equally as important, they will have reliable and consistent mental health treatment to address the symptoms of PTSD and aid in the improvement of a higher quality of life for their spouses, children, and themselves.

          This program is run at a reduction in cost for our service members as the goal of this program is to help Veterans reintegrate and transition.

          The cost of the program is partially covered by sponsorships, donations, and the time and dedication that Raw Performance provides. However, there is still a fee of $250 each Veteran is responsible for at this time.

Please email, call or DM us for more information and to confirm group space is available. 

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